Planning through wills, trusts, advanced medical directives and power of attorney.


A will or a trust offers the opportunity to plan for your family's future. These documents allow you to state how you wish your assets to be left to your family. In the absence of a will or a trust, the Virginia law chooses how your assets are distributed. A lawyer can help walk you through all of the planning factors in deciding whether a will or a trust is right for you.

I offer flat fee services for drafting wills and trusts.



There are also other documents that a family needs to consider when planning for the future. An Advanced Medical Directive and a Power of Attorney allow you to make important financial and medical decisions for a family member who has become ill. A lawyer can help you prepare documents thatt will be accepted by various financial and medical institutions. I offer flat fee services for the preparation of these documents.


After a family member has passed away, you may need to be involved in handling their assets. Probate is a process under Virginia law whereby the court oversees the distribution of those assets. Sometimes, there are even disputes among family members as to how these assets should be distributed. A lawyer can help you navigate these probate proceedings and ensure that the wishes of your family member are followed. I offer competitive rates based upon the complexity of the case.


If you have a family member who is aged or infirm, they may need your help to make medical and financial decisions on their behalf. In the event that an Advanced Medical Directive or a Power of Attorney was not prepared prior to their illness, you will need to ask the court to appoint a guardian or conservator. A guardian has the legal authority to make day to day decisions on behalf of the family member. A conservator helps manage the family member's finances and ensure they are not taken advantage of.

The appointment of a guardian or conservator is a very complicated process, and a lawyer helps you by filing the necessary paperwork with the court and explaining to the court why a guardian or conservator is needed. I offer competitive rates for guardianship & conservatorship appointments.