Child custody, child support, visitation, and divorce.


An uncontested divorce is available if you and your spouse have settled all issues related to property, debt, finances and children. An uncontested divorce requires much less time to complete than a contested divorce. The typical timeline for an uncontested divorce is between two (2) weeks and one (1) month. However, the timeline may vary.

I offer flat fee uncontested divorces. It is important to hire an attorney to help you with this process because failure to file the proper paperwork could delay the divorce and harm your finances.


Sometimes, at the end of a marriage, people can't agree on how to divide their property, debt and finances. Or, there is a dispute over custody of the children. This results in a contested divorce. A contested divorce requires much more time, effort and money than an uncontested divorce. A lawyer is important to have during a contested divorce, as Virginia law requires a hearing to determine how to divide the property, debt and finances. Virginia law also requires a hearing to determine custody and support of any children. 

I offer competitive rates for negotiating contested divorce cases and for representing my clients before the court. 


Custody is an emotional and complicated area of law. Divorcing parents are going to have to decide where their children are going to live, how important decisions for their care are going to be made, and how often the other parent is going to see the children. These issues must be addressed before, during and after divorce proceedings. Child custody can be amended until the child turns eighteen years old. Therefore, it is important to have an attorney who can help you understand how courts make custody decisions and how often those decisions can be modified.


Children have financial needs related to medical care, schooling and extra-curricular activities. Child support helps children succeed by providing the resources they need. Child support, like child custody, is an ongoing issue. As children get older, their needs will change. As a result, Virginia law allows parents to request child support before, during and after divorce proceedings to address these changing needs.


Whether you are adding a new child to your family or adopting a step-child as your own, adoption is a complex processs. A lawyer is essential to make sure you complete all the necessary steps to give the child a new home.


If there is a dispute regarding the paternity of a child, Virginia law allows you to bring a lawsuit to establish paternity. A lawyer is important to help you file the right paperwork.