Virginia Divorce Law: Using Expert Witnesses

The world is full of disputes over how best to raise children. People are always debating what kind of discipline to use, what kind of therapy a child needs, what medications will help and what the best education is for their children. There can also be disputes about how to handle finances and how to value certain assets. Expert witnesses are people who are specially educated and trained to help the court deal with these issues.

So what are the different types of expert witnesses, and should you use them in your divorce case?

Common Types of Expert Witnesses in a Divorce Case

Expert witnesses can be split into two separate categories; childcare experts and financial experts. Each of these types of experts serve a different role in a divorce case. Childcare experts can speak to what impacts a proposed custody schedule will have on your children or what school is best. Financial experts can talk about how much your home should be sold for.

With respect to childcare experts, some of the most common experts are therapists, teachers and psychologists. These experts can help you understand what emotional issues your child is having as a result of a split household.

With respect to financial experts, there are many different types of experts. These experts can range from forensic accounts who track money down to real estate experts. The purpose of these experts is to help you understand what all your property is worth so it can be fairly divided.

Who Pays For Experts in a Divorce Case?

Simply put, you do. In Virginia, you are required to compensate your expert witnesses for the time they spend preparing for trial and coming to court. Experts are entitled to their standard rate. Simply because you took your child to a therapist for a check up does not mean you can force that therapist to come to court for free. Experts are expensive, and can cost thousands of dollars

Why You Need a Lawyer For Your Divorce Case.

Because experts can be extremely expensive, a lawyer is necessary for several reasons. First, a lawyer can help you identify which types of experts will maximize your chances of success in court. Second, a lawyer can maximize the usefulness of the expert by preparing them properly and asking them the right questions. Finally, lawyers deal with experts a lot. A lawyer can identify which experts would be best for your child.